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How to Attract Traffic to a New Blog?

In order to earn some money from the blog, you will have to get a good deal of targeted traffic. It is this ability to attract traffic to blog you’ve just setup, which leads to a successful business empire online. It is quite simple –  the more traffic you drive to your blog, more money you will be able to make.

Let us now assume that you have a ‘Do It Yourself’ blog and you are selling some paintings. The average conversion rate of the blog is around three percent and the conversion value in terms of dollars is around 25. So, for every hundred visitors that come to your site, you will be able to make at least 3 good sales and earn about 75 dollars. If the targeted traffic number goes up, then naturally your sales will also go up. Therefore, it is really important that your blog gets high number of targeted visitors.

attract traffic for your blog

Now if you are wondering how to drive more targeted traffic to your site, then this is where web marketing plays a major role. There are so many to name like SEO, email marketing and definitely social media marketing – the list is actually huge. You have already learnt about increasing the traffic for your site using social media as well as search engines.

Useful Tips for Bloggers to Get Started

In order to get you going, here is a quick list of things that you can consider to make a great start to your blogging experience.

attract traffic for your blog

Become a Guest Poster: It doesn’t matter as to how Google treats the practice of guest posting. The fact is that this practice really works. If you can write a high quality guest post for someone’s blog, then it is probably a great way of driving targeted traffic to your own site. In case you are not familiar with guest posting, you can watch this video on YouTube to get started.

attract traffic for your blog

In order to become successful with this, you will have to be able to find the right kind of blogs. Blogs that have some serious readers and that drives huge traffic. You can spend some time in finding the popular blogs and make a list of top blogs. Never compromise on quality; you will have to keep in mind that some serious readers will read your post.


This is a nice way of building network with all the bloggers in the niche that you belong to and thereby share one other’s followers’ attention on the social media. One of the best things you should be doing when you are starting off is to try and grow fast. You will be able to do this in a lot of different ways; however, one of the well-known ways is expert’s roundup posts.

attract traffic for your blog

In the initial days, the expert’s roundup was conducted by interviewing a big team of experts and then taking down their answers. But, this process is a little difficult for the readers to understand. Therefore, it is suggested that you write an interesting post on a useful topic and then bring in the experts’ view on the same. This way, you will have a great post with an awesome structure and thereby you will be able to include useful tips.

Some of the advantages of having the experts’ opinions in your posts are :
a. You will get a great exposure because they will help you in sharing the post.

b) You will be able to be in touch with the experts.

c) All your posts will also get a great credibility.

Facebook Ads:  Not many people know that Facebook is actually very cost effective in getting new highly targeted visitors to the site. However, the challenge here is that you will have to be testing this lot in order to see what works the best for you.

Bring Together the Blog Posts to Attract Traffic to Blog

You can promote all your blogs to those websites, which can syndicate the content of others. You should also make sure that all your posts will be linking back to old content in order to bring in more traffic.

Participate in a Lot of Seminars and Conferences

This is a must – you will meet a lot of people, make new friends who can be experts in certain fields and discuss a lot of things to boost your blog. If you attend a lot of conferences, you will learn so much more about blogging and you will know how to put certain effective strategies into practice that can fetch you great results. The more experts you meet in your field of business, the better becomes the chances of your success.

Comment on Blogs: You can also practice the way of leaving some useful comments on other’s blog posts. Write something very constructive that others find interesting. This way, there may be a lot of people who will follow your posts.

Post on the Forum: You will have to search for some forums that are relevant to your niche and then post some valuable content on these forums. This way, you can also promote your blog by adding the link of your site in the ‘Signature’ column of the forums that you visit. However, do not spam as you will be banned from accessing these forums.

The Power of Google+: This is a very powerful community that works just like forums. The way to succeed here is by giving a lot of useful information to the members in the community in return to all the traffic that comes to the blog and the social media followers that you get.

Give Back to the Community: Each and every person loves getting something for free. But, do not offer something really bad for free. Then you will never have people visiting your site again. You need to be giving something of some good value to the people so that they can come back to you or at least make them feel that you are good to connect with on the social media platforms. See this as giving something back to the community and make a free offer. More importantly, this is going to be driving in more traffic to your site very soon, therefore offer something really valuable to the people.

All the successful marketers online are following the same strategies to attract more and more visitors to their site. They offer tons of freebies to people with great value, which invariably pulls back the users to these respective sites.

Twitter: A lot of bloggers are not sure as to which metric they should be trusting when it comes to the income growth. In a study that was made by the Authority Hacker community, it was observed that if you wish to increase the revenues drastically, you must be focusing on networking for people on all the social media platforms, especially Twitter. You should be able to engage the followers with your great content and this will lead to you becoming a very successful businessperson and it can skyrocket your income. Twitter is a very powerful tool and you should be utilizing it to the fullest potential in order to succeed.

Here are a few ways to increase the number of followers on Twitter and also drive traffic.

  1. You will have to keep tweeting frequently. If you have something interesting to share, then tweet the link to your followers.
  2. Connect with your audience. You can shoot out some personal messages to your followers and make them feel good. You will land up having more followers than you imagined if you do something of this sort.
  3. Be more active and reply to all the tweets you receive. This way, your followers will also know that you are always active on social media.

Follow the tips given in this guide and soon you will see incredible traffic to your blog!

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