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Beginners Keyword Research Guide

If you are new to blogging, you must have been frustrated with the challenge of ‘keyword research’. This is one of the major hurdles in the beginning, and keyword research needs to be performed at the starting stages of a blog or any other SEO campaign for that matter. This is done to find out the highly searched keywords and then strategies are devised for the campaigns to capitalize on the research findings.

Why Is Keyword Data Special?

keyword research guide

All the marketers, who are well experienced in this field, will know that the potential is huge for business if one can make use of the keyword data. If you have the proper set of keywords, you will be able to utilize well and you can even boost your business.

Search Volume: As a rule of thumb, you must target at least 3000 searches per month per keyword, so that when you rank in Top 3 spots of Page 1 of Google, you’ll receive minimum of thousands hits a month from that keyword alone.

SEO Competition: If there are a lot of searches, it implies there is a high demand. If there are more results that show up on the search results, it means there is a high supply as well.

You need to search your terms in double quotes (which indicates number of recently indexed pages targeting that keyword phrase) and shortlist the ones with under 999 DQR (double quote results) – if you can find something under 10, it’s amazing and in a race of less than 10 people, the worst you can end up is still 10th position, which still means Google Page 1 ranking!

Brand and Name Relevance: Here are some examples. If you are looking for shoes, then it could be Nike, Adidas, Reebok or Puma. If you are looking for holiday destination, you can find Andaman, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong.

Intention of a Searches: Usually, the purchasing intention is more when you have a lot of searches on the widget review or the widget model numbers. The opposite happens when people search for widget feedback or widget history or even complaints. The searchers refrain themselves from buying the products, and by targeting such keywords, you won’t be able to achieve a lot of conversions or sales, though they can still drive traffic and help you earn from Google Adsense.

The Commercial Value: If a lot of advertisers are placing their bids on a search term, then that means to say that there is a bigger commercial value for that particular searched term.

Ideally, you should target something with CPC > $1 – of course, higher the CPC, better it is for you, as a blogger 🙂

Making Use of Keyword Research for Studying a Niche:

Initially, when people started blogging, they did not have many tools available. There was one tool called Overture, where they could just add a search term and the tool provided an approximate figure as to how frequently that particular term is searched on the net. This tool was free. People used to then make a comparison of the given numbers along with the number of results that came up and found out the profitability of the niche.

keyword research guide

Currently, this tool (overture) does not exist anymore and therefore Google Keyword Planner is the only tool, which is available for free and also reliable. There are also some tools like Google Trends as well as UberSuggest that you can use.

You will now learn how these tools can be used to study the niche and then interpret the data that is obtained. This process may take less time or at times even days as it all depends on the keyword list. It also depends on how much you wish to explore and find out about the niche.

Tip: Install the “keywords everywhere” Chrome extension to get live search volume data as you perform any searches on Google.

The Chosen Niche – Movie Posters

Let’s consider Movie posters as an example here. There are so many people out there who would love this niche. Let us examine if this can be converted into a highly profitable idea for blogging. This will really be an interesting process as the results are unpredictable. It might be in your favor or sometimes it might not be so. You will have to explore it all by yourself.

keyword research guide

Let us now have a look at the Google Trends.

If you look at this graph, you will understand that the topic is trending down on the net. This makes sense as a lot of people are spending more time on the popular site YouTube in the current times.

If you scroll down, you will notice that most of the users who are searching are from the US, Canada, Australia, Kenya, and India

In order to properly understand that chart, you should be comparing an unknown search trend along with something you are pretty familiar with. In this particular example, the term ‘hosting review’ is added. You can now see that there are relatively more searchers for the term ‘movie posters’.

The Keyword Planner – Google:

Let us now have a look at the Keyword Planner tool by Google to get an idea.

(Enter the term movie poster in the search box and click on the option ‘Get Idea’)

keyword research guide

As shown in the image below, the 1st result page displays a lot of searches for the vintage posters (movie) that is approximately around 42K monthly searches; the horror movie posters has a search of 5.6K monthly searches and the list goes on. If you see, there is also a big demand for details on creating own movie posters, which is close to 22K monthly searches.

The Relevant Keyword – Statistics (Keyword Planner)

In order to find out more, you can now click on these keywords for some more details. This is where you will better understand about a searcher’s attitude or intention. You will have to pay very close attention to the kind of information that the searchers wanted to know about. You can also use some of these keywords for blogging purpose.

Try UberSuggest:

In order to get a better idea of the topic, you can now explore UberSuggest for some more keyword ideas.

keyword research guide

Going Back to the One and Only Google Search:

If you are not willing to sell any physical product, considering the pain of handling the logistics and inventories, you can probably just plan to blog and try selling the advertising space. But will it be worth your time and effort? In order to know that, you will have to try a few relevant searches on the one and only search Engine master – Google – to find out if you can find any affiliate programs or advertisers.

If you closely observe the marketing approach of the advertisers, you will know if they are advertising on the blogs apart from the search ads. If they are, then what is the kind of blog they are targeting? You should find out if you will be able to sell the advertisements directly to the merchants. In order to get an idea about the profitability, you can add the keyword of the topic to Spyfu for finding out the amount that the advertisers are spending on an average.

In order to get more details, you will have to explore the organic search results to find out as to how easy or hard it is to compete for SEO.

Now that you know the importance of keyword research for your blog, get started with it right away and you will soon discover how helpful it can be!

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