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Hostgator vs. Bluehost

Among the most recommended web hosting providers, Hostgator and Bluehost are definitely worthy choices as they provide almost an exceptional guarantee of uptime. However, Hostgator provides a lot more security layers than Bluehost. Both their servers are equally powerful as they’re equipped with AMD Opteron 6000 and DDR3 ECC RAM.

Based on several sources, the uptime of sites using Hostgator servers are more than those of Bluehost as Bluehost servers have more downtime and outages.

The response time, however, is higher in Hostgator servers compared to Bluehost servers. Hostgator’s service, though stable and consistent, was exactly in milliseconds and maybe is the fastest response time for any server. The response time of Bluehost though may have lesser maximum response time than Hostgator. Its minimum response was nearly 4 times that of Hostgator. It is reported that for some testers it took nearly 10.6 seconds for a page to load during peak traffic and about 1 to 3.5 seconds to respond during times of least amount of web traffic.



For the same size, components of image and web design of a simple web page, the speed of the Hostgator server was much faster than a Bluehost server. Both Hostgator and Bluehost use cPanel as their control panels. It comes with a 1-click installer as it helps rookies to start their websites without any effort.

Hostgator provides hosting for as cheap as $3.9/mo. Three of its business plans are Baby, Hatchling and Business plans. Except for Hatching, the other 2 plans provide unlimited domains. Bluehost however sells hosting pages at $2.9/mo with unregulated bandwidth and a free domain registration for a whole year. Bluehost’s plans include Starter’s Plan, Plus Plan and Business Plan.

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Hostgator’s customer interaction involves an all-time, all-year live chat with a ticket system as well as a toll free number. Anyone within the United States can call to share their grievances. Since this caused them to have an enormous waiting time to make a call in the live chat, their entire recent investment has gone into their support team and they have resolved this issue for good. Bluehost has very detailed video tutorials along with a live team to chat with, who respond instantly. But their ticketing is extremely slow and needs improvement. To get the response from their technical team, it takes at least a day. Their incompetence in handling a complicated problem has been a step backwards for them.

At the end, it is clear that Hostgator is better than Bluehost. The many advantages of using a Hostgator server are: a month’s hosting plan at $0.01 per month, a 45-day guarantee of getting your money back, easy-to-use control panel, various discount offers, uptime guarantee, faster than Bluehost, better performance than Bluehost, security team that tackles frauds and hacking, and 100% efficient security team available all-day all-year.

So, go ahead and create your websites because there are plenty of opportunities than ever before.



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