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How to Add Plugins and Install Free WordPress Theme on Your Blog?

If you are new to blogging, you might not be aware of the procedure to add free themes or install plug-ins to your WordPress blog. Get to understand how to go about this in the following sections.

Add Free Themes to the WordPress Blog

Having finished the basic stuffs in blogging, it is now time to understand more. In general, WordPress is assisted by three factors: CMS, Plugins and finally Themes. CMS is that system, which was initially set up using auto install. The plugins are actually the additional functions, which will give you added control and also some interesting features on the blog. ‘Themes’ is the place to choose designing for the blog. In order to design a WordPress site, you need to be customizing the designing of the themes.

free wordPress theme your blog

The best part about WordPress is that the theme is separately categorized from the backend (system). You will be able to change the theme as and when you like and also can customize it. If you wish to create a brand new theme, then you can do that as well. However, in order to have a great theme for the blog, you do not have to put too much effort for creating it. There are already thousands of great free themes that are available.

As a matter of fact, all the WordPress bloggers, at least most of them, will not have the time to create their own blog themes. Therefore, what they do is choose an already available theme and then go about customizing it as per their needs. This is exactly what you have to be doing. There are so many amazing themes, which are available on the net. If you can do a search on the search engines, you will get plenty of great themes. If you are new to blogging, then it is recommended that you use an already existing theme and then customize it as per your taste.

Where Can You Find Great Blog Themes?

WordPress Themes Directory: This is the best place to get all the free themes for your WordPress. All the themes that are listed here seriously follow all the rules that are provided by the developers of WordPress, therefore it is probably the best place to gain access to free and harmless themes.

The Paid Theme – (Directory): This is one more way of getting great paid themes; all you have to do is just subscribe to the (blog) theme clubs. Such theme clubs offer a lot of designs at a very nominal rate. Some of the popular names are My Themes shop and then there is Elegant Themes; however, there are a many more in this business. There are certain clubs that offer themes for niche specific blogs as well.

Necessary Plugin Installation

There is one major reason why WordPress is so popular and is used across the globe. The reason is because of the user-friendly features, and it is very easy to use the plug-in. These plugins are actually the added functionalities, which can be added to a blog, like the social media buttons that are used for sharing on different social networking sites. These plugins make the life of the bloggers easier and they will protect your blog and enhance the site. Every site needs certain plugins that will help the site perform well. There are a few plugins, which every one of us must have knowledge about.

free wordPress theme your blog

Security and Spam Protection

You can use some really good apps like Vault Press, Akismet and WordFence for spam protection as well as security purposes. The plugin called Akismet is a very old plug-in, which is included in WordPress. It helps in checking all the comments you receive from users and check if they are spam. It performs the job of collecting all spam and allows you to have a look at it under the blog’s comment screen. Vault Press is actually a live backup as well as security scan service. This is also very popular on WordPress and it is easy to locate. This plugin allows you to arrange all your files, posts, and comments and synchronize them on the servers. WordFence is a security app that restricts all the malicious user activities that is performed on your blog and prohibits other hackers from entering the admin area.

SEO: Even though WordPress is good, there is so much to do when it comes to increasing the onsite SEO. You can do that by taking the help of some of the finest plugins. There is a plugin called Yoast and another called All-in-One SEO, which are two great SEO plugins to boost your SEO rankings.

free wordPress theme your blog

The Social Media Share: After the blog is all set up and live, your next aim is to get the visitors to view your content. This is a very important strategy that you must be practicing as well. The best thing you can do at this point is to add a social share plugin, which will place the social media sharing icons next to your content. So, if the users find your content interesting, they can share it across their network on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and so on. A plugin called Jetpack is one of the best.

free wordPress theme your blog

Optimize the Blog: In order to optimize the performance of the blog, you will need some plugins as well. W3 Total Cache is definitely one of the well-known plugins. This will improvise the visitor experience on the site by enhancing the sever performance and also by cutting down the time taken for downloading and enhancing the loading speed of the pages. W3 Total cache is a great plugin that is highly recommended.

That’s it! Adding free themes or installing plug-ins is a breeze on WordPress blogs.

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