The Best Lady Gaga Photo Collection

She is totally influenced by Disco; that’s why she bumps and grinds with a disco ball. Shoulder pads and round black color sunglass are her key elements.

Long straight hair with bangs is Gaga’s signature look as she has come up with several such looks for much of her debut on the music scene.

Her outfits started developing all kinds of growth by the fall of 2008; disco sticks, crystals added to her style as a logo. She is the first pop singer to come with extraordinary hairstyles.

Her friendship with blogger Perez Hilton helped her to get youth fans, developing her gay audience.

She has done many gimmicks to pull off the audience and few among them are the “spark-shooting bra” and “bloody bra”.

By mid-half of 2009, Gaga started experimenting with facial coverings and mask- her future was so bright that she started wearing a rhinestone and pearl encrusted eye mask.

Not only her dress and accessories changed, but she also came with another style with different hair colors with partial pick, blue extensions.
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